Breaking barriers


If you’ve read my last couple posts you’ve noticed that they’ve been more extensive than usual. I’ve realized that this is a great way for me to speak to the young individuals out there directly – no barriers.

I know that there are many of you 
seeking advice, guidance, and/or motivation. You’re graduating high school and don’t know how to move forward. Have completed the first couple years of university and are stuck because you’re not emotionally connected to what you’re studying. Or, you’ve been searching for a job for several months to no avail. I know this for two reasons. 1. I, myself have been through it. And 2. I’ve spoken to several of you who are currently experiencing it. You’re going through a rough patch and just need a guiding hand; there’s nothing wrong with that. For the others that I haven’t connected with on a one one, I know you have questions. You might not have someone in your life that you can ask, don’t know what to ask, or just need some help figuring out what it is that you’re seeking in life. It’s all good, how can I help?


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