With the start of a new school year, it’s only right that I touch on the topic of inspiration. This is usually a time when most people are at a high when in comes to their attitude towards school. A clean slate, new clothes and new classes come with a heightened sense of motivation. But how long does it last? It’s common that the drive fades away as the semester drags on. The essays dawn on you while the stress of midterms and exams linger at the back of your mind. Staying positive throughout the grind becomes next to impossible for some and therefore the hope to succeed that year can seem unattainable. Trust me, I know. I’ve been there.

Motivating yourself can be a challenge at times like these. You try over and over again to push yourself to get back on track but it doesn’t work, but why? Well, it’s hard to push yourself to work hard at something that you have no interest or desire in. No matter how much you try, you won’t feel inclined to give it your all, because that’s what motivation is, trying to push yourself to be doing something…anything. Instead, find inspiration. Look for that burning desire from within that gives you purpose and makes the task at hand feel right.

Now I’m not saying that having inspiration will make things easier. To be completely honest, the things that one desires the most are often the hardest to attain. Instead, the hard work required to succeed will be worth it in the end because there is purpose behind it. So how does one find inspiration? Start by doing more of the things that you enjoy. Running, swimming, reading, whatever it may be, try and incorporate it into your schedule. The things that you enjoy will keep you happy and will give you purpose.

Another is by choosing the right program. Maybe you’re studying something that is not of interest to you. Try thinking long term. Life is not a sprint, it’s a marathon. Your program choice may not seem purposeful right now, but if you think 10, 15 years down the road it will inspire you to continue studying hard. Even if it’s something you’re never going to use, it will still hold value. Being in a situation where you’re learning something you don’t see as useful, is in itself a lesson learned.

One of my favourite examples on the topic of inspiration is Phil Knight, the founder of Nike. He created a brand that is known worldwide by many, however few know his story. Before Nike he was a student-athlete passionate about running and travelling. Little did he know, his passion and dedication would allow him to build an empire. It started with him operating a small side-business while he worked tirelessly at a 9-5 job he didn’t like. By constantly keeping at it, and having a goal in mind he was able to build a career around the things that he enjoyed while bringing Nike to life.

As long as there is something that you enjoy, incorporate it into your schedule. Allow your passion to keep you happy and balanced while inspiring you to keep on pushing. Always remember that it’s the things that you enjoy in life that will allow you to succeed. Best of luck this school year!

What inspires you? How do you bring passion and learning together? Comment below or send me an email.


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