Fences Bring Us Together

So by now, I think a lot of people have seen the video of the Adhan being called out at Madinah Masjid out onto Danforth Ave last night. If you haven’t, here it is:



Whether it was a Whatsapp forward from your favourite chachu, or you saw it pop up on your Instagram feed, it’s definitely gone around. Goes to show you the power of social media eh (and my camera skills! Shout out to all of my wife’s travel videos).

I sent it to my friends Whatsapp group right after I was done recording, but a few hours later I was getting messages saying that my video had gone viral. Actually, 20mins after I got home from the masjid, my sister was showing me a video that she received, and I was trying to convince her that it’s my video. She asked me how I knew that it was my video, and I told her to look at the fence on the right. You know how they say that a picture is worth a thousand words? Well, a video is worth a thousand pictures.

I wasn’t actually planning on showing up for this historic event last night. I had told my wife earlier in the day that during the week we’ll go grab some food from Lonzo’s for iftar (shout-out City Fried!) and while we wait, we’ll listen to the Adhan being called out. But something came over me at the last minute and I decided to hop in the car and go. In case many of you don’t know, there’s actually a church across Madinah Masjid. We parked up in front of it, I got out of the car and found a spot in front of the church’s parking lot, a safe distance away from the next person (#socialdistancing).

As the video starts out, you can see the masjid and hear the Adhan being called out from a speaker on the roof. I stood there for about 35 seconds, and then I decided that it would be even nicer if I could get a shot of the masjid in its full glory, so I start backtracking a little bit. At the 40 second mark, you’ll see a fence appear. Yes, friends, the same fence that I pointed out to my sister!

This fence surrounds the church’s parking lot. I wanted to get a better shot of the masjid that is near and dear to me, so I started to walk backwards right into the church’s parking lot. This allowed me to not only get a better shot displaying the masjid, but I also found myself in the parking lot of a church.

Friends, fellow brothers and sisters, in order for me to see even more of the beauty of my masjid, I had to view it from a church’s parking lot. By me backtracking, I thought I was just getting a better shot, but rather I gained better perspective.

During these challenging times, we’re blessed to have the opportunity to live through this month of mercy. Yes, we’ve been forced to create our masjids at home, but let’s not forget that our fellow brothers and sisters of other faiths have also been forced into the same predicament. Whether it’s Passover, or Easter, many have gone through it, embraced it and have made the most out of the situation.

I truly hope and pray that once we come out of the current situation, we are able to embrace our brothers and sisters of other faiths and improve our communities altogether.








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