Be Where Your Feet Are

Are you there?

I mean, even if you’re reading this, are you here?

What I really mean is, are you present?

Maybe it’s years of overstimulation. 

I was just wrapping up high school when Facebook started becoming a thing. And before that, it was waiting to get home to jump onto MSN messenger. 

It was always in anticipation of the next thing. With MSN, it was getting home to chat with friends. With facebook, it was the number of the number of friends that you were connected to, then the number of groups that you were in, then the number of likes you got, and on and on. It was always in anticipation of that next thing. 

And this really isn’t a review of Netflix’s The Social Dilemma, rather it’s something that I experience on a daily basis, and I know others do too. 

The idea of being present, or being where your feet are. 

Because a lot of times, I’m not where my feet are. 

While smartphones and social media have been around, sleep was probably the only thing that really allowed people to disconnect and stop their brains from getting bombarded with noise. 

And it was only really mattress companies that profited off of the sleep business. 

Nowadays, sleep in itself has become a business. Sleep therapy, sleep trackers, sleep consultations and so on. 

So really, when does it stop? 

If we’re always being bombarded with stuff, when can we be present? 

I mean, when will I be where my feet are? 


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