Farewell, my friend.

Farewell, my friend.

Although we awaited your arrival you still managed to sneak in.

And then you just stayed.

You took all that we had

You consumed our time. Our hunger. Our tiredness.

We gave you our days and our nights.

We gave you our words and our thoughts.

Your presence found a home in our minds, and forced us to change our habits.

My friend, the last few times that you’ve been have been different.

I remember when we were younger, and you use to come around, things were so much simpler then.

Your presence would encourage us to spend time with friends. To run around during the night, and enjoy ourselves. But deep down, we counted the days until you left, because it would mean a celebration.

But these last few years have been different.

You made us realize how much we need you.

How much we need to take in your spirit. Your blessings. Your presence.

You’ve made us cry, my friend. Our tears flowing, in the darkest part of the night.

My friend, you’ve made us realize how flawed we are. How many mistakes we make. How deeply our issues lie within ourselves.

Your presence is difficult my friend. You turn our lives, upside down.

But my friend, let me assure you, you’re always welcome in our homes.

Your presence is a mercy to us, and for that we are grateful.

You are what we need, and when you depart, we will surely be yearning your loss.

My friend, you bring out the best in us.

And for that, we are ever appreciative.

My friend, I pray that we meet again.

But until then, your memory will always remind us that we are capable of being better, just like you taught us.

Farewell, Ramadan.


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