Saturday Morning

Remember how excited we’d be when we woke up on a saturday morning to watch cartoons?

20 years later and waking up is one of the hardest things to do.

It might be because we slept late. 

Or maybe we just don’t want to go to work or school.

Most of the time, when we set an alarm to wake up, it’s usually with a purpose…school or work.

And sometimes that “purpose” lines up with what we do, but not with who we are.

So let’s flip that for a second.

A lot of us do things that are a part of our daily lives, but they don’t line up with who we are. What I’m saying is sometimes we dislike our job. Hey, maybe we even hate school.

We do it because we have to, not because we want to.

On the inside, we’d rather do something else…anything else, like play basketball, or study art. 

But waking up doesn’t have to be a drag, especially once you’re motivated. 

Waking up to do something you hate is hard, but waking up to do something you enjoy isn’t 

Whether it’s reading a book, working out, drawing, cycling, whatever THAT is. 

As humans we’ve been conditioned to wake up for a purpose that doesn’t motivate us. So just change it.

Wake up to read. Wake up to ride a bike. Wake up to drink coffee. Wake up to pray. WAKE UP TO DO THE THINGS THAT YOU ENJOY. The things that define YOU. And it will change your day.

Because little changes done consistently become big changes. And big changes will change your life.


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