Abundance Mindset

We’ve been conditioned to think in limits. 

“I can’t get this job.”

“I will never be rich.”

But do these limits really exist? 

Our Lord has told us- If you are grateful, I will give you more. (Quran 14:7) 

There have been times where I’ve sat there, and thought to myself, if, when we limit our thinking, we’re denying the all encompassing and abundant nature of our Lord?

Because if we say that I will never have “X”, are we also saying that our Lord is not capable of providing whatever we ask for?

A Muslims’s mindset should always be of abundance. 

Whether for ourselves, our families, our children, or the ummah. Our sustenance is a mercy that is dictated by a greater power. 

So why limit ourselves and our thinking, when we’ve already been told that gratitude will lead to abundance… 


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