Be Where Your Feet Are

Are you there? I mean, even if you’re reading this, are you here? What I really mean is, are you present? Maybe it’s years of overstimulation.  I was just wrapping up high school when Facebook started becoming a thing. And before that, it was waiting to get home to jump onto MSN messenger.  It was … More Be Where Your Feet Are


One of Us

Oct 6, 2018 – A date that’s etched into my memory along with thousands of other UFC fans. It’s the date that Khabib choked out Connor. I remember it like it was yesterday. It was a day when the entire neighbourhood huddled into one backyard. The anticipation for this fight was unlike any other. Months … More One of Us

An Open Letter…

Social distancing has me appreciating the little things now more than ever. Just chilling with friends, going out to eat, sitting on THE PORCH doing nothing. Man, it was beautiful. In all seriousness though, every school year, we didn’t need to make new friends, we had our friends. Not that we were closed off, but … More An Open Letter…

The Early Bird Catches The Millions?!?

How are you? No, seriously, how are you REALLY? Mentally, physically, emotionally….you good? This pandemic isn’t easy. Everyone is struggling in their own way. Whether it’s financial, mental, physical, or emotional, the struggle is real. Something that has consistently come up when discussing ways to cope with social distancing and quarantining is having a routine. … More The Early Bird Catches The Millions?!?

A Muslim and a Non-Muslim walk into an Iftar- Experience Ramadan 101

When we were kids, we’d dread the first day of school because we wouldn’t know anyone. We’d complain to our parents and they’d respond with a “don’t worry, you’ll make new friends”. Lo’ and behold 5 minutes into class Timmy and I became the “terrible twosome” as we flicked our boogers at the girls since … More A Muslim and a Non-Muslim walk into an Iftar- Experience Ramadan 101