An Open Letter…

Social distancing has me appreciating the little things now more than ever. Just chilling with friends, going out to eat, sitting on THE PORCH doing nothing. Man, it was beautiful. In all seriousness though, every school year, we didn’t need to make new friends, we had our friends. Not that we were closed off, but … More An Open Letter…

The Early Bird Catches The Millions?!?

How are you? No, seriously, how are you REALLY? Mentally, physically, emotionally….you good? This pandemic isn’t easy. Everyone is struggling in their own way. Whether it’s financial, mental, physical, or emotional, the struggle is real. Something that has consistently come up when discussing ways to cope with social distancing and quarantining is having a routine. … More The Early Bird Catches The Millions?!?

A Muslim and a Non-Muslim walk into an Iftar- Experience Ramadan 101

When we were kids, we’d dread the first day of school because we wouldn’t know anyone. We’d complain to our parents and they’d respond with a “don’t worry, you’ll make new friends”. Lo’ and behold 5 minutes into class Timmy and I became the “terrible twosome” as we flicked our boogers at the girls since … More A Muslim and a Non-Muslim walk into an Iftar- Experience Ramadan 101


I recently read a quote that said, “There is no substitute for hard work” – Thomas A. Edison. I’m sure there are many people who have said something similar but the key thing to note is not the quote itself but the message being communicated. Hard work reigns, always. This is a stressful time for … More Reassurance


With the start of a new school year, it’s only right that I touch on the topic of inspiration. This is usually a time when most people are at a high when in comes to their attitude towards school. A clean slate, new clothes and new classes come with a heightened sense of motivation. But … More Inspiration


Conviction- To have a belief so firm that no one, and no thing can make you waver. This man that you see had no idea this picture was being taken. As a matter of fact, he didn’t care whether or not anyone was watching. He believed in something so deeply, that he did not hesitate … More Conviction